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Final 2020 CYBER COmmencement Celebratio
PKC Group
Children Playing Tug of War
Never Say Die Promo_edited
Raising Hands
Financial Literacy for Students
Young Ballerinas
Fostercare Promo
Kids Playing Soccer

Video producers for the 2020 Cyber Celebration

Creators of the Live Graduation Experience
Congratulations Class of 2020

Welcome to

Positive FACE

We are an organization of professionals from various disciplines dedicated to the success of at-promise children.


Our programs offer Social, Emotional, and Academic Development activities the skills, mentoring, and educational backup support to encourage independent and sustainable adult lives.  With support and guidance, positive foster and at-risk children can excel.

Just for Youth


Exciting websites for learning fun, skill building resources, and local activities

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Kids Reading Outdoor

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Meet Gina!


Motivational Speaker

Community Activist

Foster Alum 

Motivational Speaker


Community Activist


When Club KLA did Vision Boards, they did them as a team. Not only did they identify what they wanted in their own future, but helping Club mates find things that would be good for their life goals as well. New friendships, new standards of responsibility and new levels of accountability for each other.


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