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Members shared what they would want if they could have anything in the world... 

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Positive FACE is a club styled program that meets after-school on campus and is easy to access community locations. The program is free to the members and their families. Some select events may require a small contribution for the families. Enrollment is referral based by schools, social workers, or family.

The core of the program balances exposure to a wide array of academic topics, with social and emotional learning.

The program content is developed by social services, health, and education professionals. The components (social, emotional, and academic development) are covered in an edutainment format to increase student engagement and lesson retention. The schedule also provides an opportunity to provide direct tutoring assistance, which can be requested by the student, parents, or teachers. Because we have a focus on community partnerships, we also work with families to help students get enrolled extracurricular activities. The goal is to improve their odds of moving successfully into adulthood, able to gain stable employment and be a positive contributor in their community. 

A Week At-A-Glance: [Monday - Open Study/Tutoring]

                                       [Tuesday - Social Development]

                                       [Wednesday - Emotional Development]

                                       [Thursday - Academic Development]

                                       [Friday- Open Study/Tutoring]


Program Highlights: 


Sports Experience (Physical activities lead by former college and NFL athletes)

Arts Experience (Workshops to expose students to varied art-forms including, vocal, instrumental, dance, painting, writing, and more) 


Pursuit of Excellence (Identify student interest to enroll them in extracurricular activities  - fees, uniforms, and equipment covered through Positive FACE)


Healthy Habits, Healthy Lifestyles (Workshops on good life behaviors and good nutrition with fun sessions lead by local chefs) 


Be a Better Me (Workshops to reinforce positive self-esteem, confidence, and other productive behaviors)


Full STEAM Ahead (Interactive classes teaching Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics)


The More I Know, The More I Grow (Elementary - Academic Games Competitions, Jr. High/High School - Financial Literacy Sponsored by First Bank, High School - College/Career Readiness)

Bank It For Life! (Financial Literacy including banking, investments, personal finance, and entrepreneurship)

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