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On September 19, 2016, Positive FACE hosted the San Diego session of the Delta Teacher Efficacy Campaign.  The event was one of 40 fact-gathering sessions held nationally. It was sponsored by the Delta Research and Education Foundation in collaboration with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. 



Chloe B. 


Sis Gina has really helped me throughout the years. She is always encouraging me and supporting me in everything I do. She constantly tells me that she loves me and she is proud of my accomplishments. Without her love and support I would not be half of the person that I am today.



Helena B. 


I have personally known miss Gina since the age of about 7. She was an active contributor to the Sunshine Band in which I was a member. She was amazing helping with costume, robes, songs so much.  Later on down the line, she was one of my debutante teachers.  She helped me to learn how to conduct myself with poise and class which I try to teach my four daughters.  Now as an adult, she pop up here and there with words of wisdom via social media and networking.  Little does she I love her very much and she one few women I looked up to growing up in church.  I pray God gives her strength to keep touching our youth . 


I love you Ms. Gina

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DTEC - San Diego Town Hall Meeting: A Call to Action

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