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Strengths as Weaknesses

Before I hit double digits in age I was taught that only the strong survive. The years continued that lesson and strength took on many definitions. In relationships it meant love yourself first. In business it meant don't quit and keep striving for excellence. In the community it meant keep fighting and never let them see you bend or sweat. Overall, it meant the resilience to just keep living. What no one every tells you, though, is that strength can be a weakness.

When you are so strong that no one can relate to the reality that you may have tears and pain - you are too strong. When you are so strong that most don't believe that you could possibly need help - yes, you are too strong. When you are so strong that everyone that you know, for the most part, only see you in the light of victory, happiness, and working it out - your strength had become a shadow to your humanity.

And then what do you do? What happens with your strength is your weakness. Get louder! Pray louder because your divine help will be a bridge for your sanity. More importantly, make them see your wounds. Draw your lines and limits. Be okay with not being okay and admitting that you are not. You should be okay with wallowing in mediocrity but let people know that you are proud of your humanity. Perfection is too great of a burden. Rest! Relax! Cry when you need to! Strive for Excellence which includes the space to grow from sunshine and rain.



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